TheLearningPhase™ Training FAQ


How do I know if this workshop is suitable for me?

If you answer “Yes!” to any of the following, this is meant for you!
✅ I want to better understand how our brain learns, and thus use that knowledge to better learn a new skill or subject
✅ I am easily distracted, or tend to procrastinate doing work
✅ I genuinely want to improve in my studies but something seems to be wrong since I’m stuck at the same grade
✅ I want to be able to have the “know-how” to study independently as well as the discipline to not procrastinate

What age group of students should join?

In general, anyone can join! However, we mainly recommend this to students when they still have time to practise whatever they learn, preferably Pri 3 – Pri 5 or Sec 1 – Sec 3. For students in your graduating years (Pri 6, Sec 4/5), if you’re really interested, do join us by the June Holidays before things get busy for you!

How many students will there be in a class?

Min: 3 students
Max: 8 students

Is it possible to have the workshop just for myself?

Yes, however, a higher price will be charged accordingly. Thus, we highly suggest you to find some friends to join you for the group discounted rates.


Can I join in for the workshop?

Sure! In fact, parents are encourage to join if you are / want to be involved in the education of your child.

Can I attend it with my children of differing ages?

We try to customise the workshop according to the age of the child, so just let us know who will be attending and we’ll make the necessary arrangements!

The location is slightly out of the way for my child and I, could you conduct it at my home?

Sure, albeit a higher price will be charged according.

Crash Course FAQ

How do I know if this workshop is suitable for me?

If you answer “Yes!” to any of the following, this is meant for you!
✅ I’m in my graduating year
✅ I have been failing / nearly failing the subject
✅ I want to build my understanding and improve
✅ My school notes sucks. I want a good set of comprehensive notes

What? There’s notes given? I thought TLP doesn’t encourage rote learning?

Yes. Although here at TLP, we greatly discourage spoon-feeding our students, we still believe that the graduating papers can open up more opportunities for you. Thus we will provide a comprehensive set of notes to aid you in overcoming your final exam. Although, we would still advise you to start being more proactive in your studies, to become an independent and effective learner yourself!

Coming Soon??? When will this be available?

We are currently working on the lesson content so that it’ll be much easier for you to learn it when you’re here! Do leave us your contact details if you’d like us to update you once the crash course is live!


I still have some questions!

Contact us directly so that we can quickly assist you!