TLP Poster1Have you ever wondered how your classmate games all night but scores well for tests?

What are these secrets and study hacks that he’s aware of, but you don’t? If you feel stuck academically and unable to move forward, I have a programme to tackle this feeling.

The Learning Phase is a half-day training workshop to equip you with the following skills

1. How to Learn

  • Understanding how our brain learns is the first step to learning better. Find a learning style that will boost your learning rate in no time.
  • Topics to be covered include: Focused & Diffused Learning, Chunking, Memory Techniques and much more!

2. Examination Techniques

  • Practice vs Exams. Performing under time constraints is a completely different ball game.
  • Learn how to best manage your limited time during exams!

3. Procrastination and How to Overcome it

  • Be it PhD students, Teachers, Doctors, or even your most respected idol. Everyone succumbs to procrastination at times.
  • How to live a more productive life? Understand what makes you procrastinate, and learn the various methods to overcome it

4. Your Personal Motivation

  • With all that you’ll have learnt, you’re ready to amaze your classmates on the next exam! Yet, will you be motivated to do so?.
  • How do you Get Started / Keep Going in the endless pursuit of perfection? Learn how you can differentiate yourself from the average student

If you can answer “Yes!” to any of the following questions, this programme will definitely benefit you/ your child:

  • Put in endless amount of effort but still can’t see any improvements?
  • Want to study better, using the most effective ways to turn from average to great?
  • Want to better manage your time, to stop procrastinating and get things done?
  • Want to become an independent learner, instead of having numerous tuitions?

As the saying goes “Study Smart, Not Hard.

Here at The Learning Phase, we believe in equipping ourselves with the most efficient studying techniques backed by the latest scientific research in neuroscience. By the time you are trained, studying will never be as hard again.

Contact us at for more information. Till then, Happy Learning!




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